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Weekend Workout

Get your weekend started off proper with this quick, 10-15 minute workout.  The main goal here is speed, with that being said, do not sacrifice proper form for quickness.  Try your best to hit the rep counts unbroken, and to complete a full round without resting.  If rest is required, do so between rounds. There will be an "(A)dvanced" option offered for each exercise, if you've been on a regular workout program, give some of the Advanced versions a try.  Remember, your goal is speed. If you get through two rounds of trying the harder version and can no longer complete the rep counts unbroken, scale down to the regular option. SPEED! SPEED! SPEED!

5 Rounds:

- 20 Pushups | (A) Plyo/clapping pushups

- 20 Situps | (A) V-Ups

- 20 Step-back lunges(total) | (A) Plyo/Jumping Alternating Lunges (total)


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