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Weekend Workout

Every Minute on the Minute
Each circuit lasts 6 min.  At the top of every minute, complete the required reps for the primary exercise, then finish the minute with as many reps of the secondary exercise as possible.  Repeat for 6 min.  Then rest 2 min and move to the next set of exercises.

Circuit 1: 8 Pushups - Mountain Climbers
Circuit 2: 5 Lunges (ea leg) - Jump Squats
Circuit 3: 8 V-Ups - Russian Twists
Circuit 4: 5 Burpees - Jumping Jacks


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1 Response

K Stringer
K Stringer

September 02, 2015

I needed a quick workout to do in my hotel room while traveling for a conference.I just did this one and it was killer! And awesome! Thanks for posting it!

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