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Dirty South Fit.


Kevin Snodgrass


Fitness never came easy.  I was awkward as a kid.  Painfully uncoordinated and helplessly unathletic.  Things didn't get much better in college.  But, about 5 years ago, everything changed for me.  I was touring full time with a band, living on the road, drinking too much and eating garbage.  I looked awful and felt worse.  That's when I realized that my happiness and health could be determined by small, consistent efforts.  I came to understand that doing something everyday was better than one occasional trip to the gym.  I began to live the motto "just do something."  I started creating travel workouts and spread the gospel of "doing something."  And I became hooked.   Today, I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist who's worked with over 500 clients ranging from absolute beginners to high performing athletes.  And, I still live the motto "Just Do Something."