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Welcome to Dirty South Fit.

It’s an identity, a culture. It’s a brand that speaks to people who get it done, no excuses. It’s getting up every time you fall. It’s one foot in front of the next. It’s the 404. It's the A. It’s Dirty Birds and Dawgs; Dominique and Deion. It’s believing in yourself, even when you’re down. It’s grind, work, and hustle. It’s knowing life ain’t perfect, but getting after it anyway. It’s pushups in a hotel room, or pullups on a tree branch. It’s “just do something.” It's sweat, asphalt and sweet tea. It's peaches and cleans. It’s who we are and it’s what we live.

We aren’t inventing Dirty South Fit; we are Dirty South Fit. And we don’t know any other way.



Weekend Workout | 01.25.20

January 25, 2020

Dirty South Poker! For this workout, all you need is a deck of cards.  Shuffle the cards, start a timer for 20 minutes, and draw the first card on the stack.  The suit tells you what exercise to do; the number on the card tells you how many reps to do.  Face Cards are worth 10 reps.  When you finish the exercise, grab a new card.  See how many you can get through in 20 min.  Want a bigger challenge?  Finish the deck! Spades: Pushups Diamonds: Squats Clubs: Situps Hearts: Lunges x2 Any Ace: 10 Burpees!

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Weekend Workout | 01.18.20

January 17, 2020

2:1 2 minutes of work then, 1 minute of rest, 6 rounds total Repeat as many times as possible: 6 Burpees 9 Pushups 12 Situps 15 Squats

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