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Welcome to Dirty South Fit.

It’s an identity, a culture. It’s a brand that speaks to people who get it done, no excuses. It’s getting up every time you fall. It’s one foot in front of the next. It’s the 404. It's the A. It’s Dirty Birds and Dawgs; Dominique and Deion. It’s believing in yourself, even when you’re down. It’s grind, work, and hustle. It’s knowing life ain’t perfect, but getting after it anyway. It’s pushups in a hotel room, or pullups on a tree branch. It’s “just do something.” It's sweat, asphalt and sweet tea. It's peaches and cleans. It’s who we are and it’s what we live.

We aren’t inventing Dirty South Fit; we are Dirty South Fit. And we don’t know any other way.



Daily Workout | 04.08.20

April 08, 2020

If you haven't done yesterday's workout, go do it now! If you did yesterday's workout, you probably need something to help you loosen everything up today.   Start with this (30 sec each): Toe Touches Downward Dog Runner's Lunge (Right) Knee Pushes (Right) Shoulder Rotations (Right) Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch with overhead reach (Right) Hamstring Stretch (Right) Pigeon Stretch (Right) *go back to Downward Dog and repeat for Left side   Workout - 30 sec each: Plank Side Plank Right Side Plank Left Pushup Plank Single Leg Hip Bridges Right Single Leg Hip Bridges Left Pike Pushups Squats Lunges Right Lunges Left Curtsy Lunges Right Curtsy Lunges Left Rest 1 min, repeat for 3-4 rounds depending on available time

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Daily Workout | 04.07.20

April 07, 2020

Don't even say it.  Yeah, this one's tough. Do it anyway. The structure is simple. Go straight through the exercises. Don't move to the next one until you've finished the reps for the one before. There's a catch. There's always a catch.  Any time you stop, even for a brief pause, you have to add 10 reps to that exercise. So if you stop during situps, add 10 reps (for a total of 160), and if you stop again, add 10 more (170 and so on).   Take your time. This one's a marathon.  ADD 10 50 Burpees 100 Pushups (knees or toes) 150 Situps 200 Squats (Intermediate - start with half the number of reps)

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