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July 18, 2015


Weekend Workout

If you can't attend our FREE Dirty South Fit workout at Mason Mill Park at 8am, give this bodyweight burner a shot!  Knock it out in the living room, in the back yard, or at the park.  Do it before the kids wake up or have them jump in for a family affair.  Bottom line, just get it done!


30 seconds per exercise:

Burpees (count your reps!)

Mountain Climbers



Rest 30 sec.

Transition as quickly as possible and hustle through those burpees because you repeat this circuit until you hit:

75 total burpees - beginners, 100 burpees - intermediate, 150 burpees - advanced. 


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July 11, 2015


Weekend Workout

For this Saturday's workout, we're getting fast! Make sure to spend 5-10 min warming up with some lighter runs first. 
100 repeats:
Great for building your max speed and for overall conditioning. Mark off a distance of about 100 meters (100 long strides).  Sprint the length, then walk back.  Repeat for 10-12 times.  These should be max effort sprints. 
Finish with:
6 min core circuit.
Russian Twists
Hip Bridges
30 sec of each, repeat for 3 rds.


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July 03, 2015

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Weekend Workout

Happy Birthday America!  A holiday weekend isn't a holiday from your goals. Knock out this quick in the morning before the bbq, family and fireworks! 


30 sec of each exercise, no rest between.  Rest 90 sec after finishing the entire circuit.  Repeat 4x, advanced repeat 5x.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Lunges


Flutter Kicks

Scissor Kicks


Squat Jumps

Mtn Climbers





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June 26, 2015


Weekend Workout

Get your weekend started off proper with this quick, 10-15 minute workout.  The main goal here is speed, with that being said, do not sacrifice proper form for quickness.  Try your best to hit the rep counts unbroken, and to complete a full round without resting.  If rest is required, do so between rounds. There will be an "(A)dvanced" option offered for each exercise, if you've been on a regular workout program, give some of the Advanced versions a try.  Remember, your goal is speed. If you get through two rounds of trying the harder version and can no longer complete the rep counts unbroken, scale down to the regular option. SPEED! SPEED! SPEED!

5 Rounds:

- 20 Pushups | (A) Plyo/clapping pushups

- 20 Situps | (A) V-Ups

- 20 Step-back lunges(total) | (A) Plyo/Jumping Alternating Lunges (total)


June 19, 2015


Weekend Workout

Finding time to squeeze in your workout over the weekend can be tough, so here's a quick conditioning circuit that will get your core firing.


100 Mountain Climbers

25 Pushups

100 Bicycle Crunches

50 Squat Jumps

100 Mountain Climbers

50 Lunges

100 Bicycle Crunches

25 Burpees

100 Mountain Climbers

June 13, 2015


Weekend Workout

Weekend Workouts are all about efficiency.  Ain't nobody got time to sit around a gym for an hour on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Get in, get out, get it done.  Here's a quick one for when you're short on time, but you know you gotta do work. 


Equipment: timer/watch

Goals: stamina, strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance

Time: 12-ish minutes of pain


Start with 2 min of burpees, counting reps,

Then immediately move on to the following 4 exercises, working at max effort.  Transition quickly because there's no rest between exercises.

Squats - 1 min

Pushups - 1 min

Mtn Climbers - 1 min

Situps - 1 min

Repeat these 4 exercises x2, advanced Repeat x3

Finish with Burpees, picking up where you left off counting after the first 2 min and working until you hit 50 reps total. 




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