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30 Days of Active!

My fitness journey started in hotel rooms. I was eating Taco Bell for breakfast and Jim Beam for dinner. I hated how I felt and had to make a change. But I had no equipment, little time and never knew my schedule day to day. All I knew was that I had to do something.

JUST DO SOMETHING - that was my motto, that was my goal. I challenged myself to be active every day. Push-ups at gas stations, Burpees in hotel rooms. Didn't matter as long as I did it. And it worked.

So now I'm challenging you guys! 30 days of doing something active every day. If you read our last blog post, you saw that we created a guide to help you out. And to show you how effective this challenge can be, we start with a test on Day 1 and a retest on Day 30. To participate, check us out on Instagram! Post a photo of yourself doing something active - whether you follow the guide or not is up to you, just show us that you hustle - and tag us in the pic. Share this with someone and encourage them to participate as well!

Happy Hustle, Fit Fam!