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Want it or Work for it

Real talk, people.

I was doing an assessment with a potential client recently. Working out was a chore, but she felt she needed to do it. So, at the behest of a friend, she reached out. I asked her about her goals and what she wanted to accomplish in working out. Now, over the years I’ve faced my fair share of obstacles in my own fitness journey and I like to think I’m pretty good at coming up with creative solutions to challenges. But, this was a new one. Every single solution I offered was met with resistance.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: We can do an in-home program where I come to you.

Client: I don’t have any good space.

Me: We can meet at a park nearby.

Client: I don’t like it when it’s too hot.

Me: We can do early mornings.

Client: I don’t like to get up early.

Me: We can try evenings.

Client: I have to get the kids to bed.

After 15 minutes or so of this, I decided that I wouldn’t be the best fit for her needs. I admit, this particular situation was extreme, but we face something similar anytime we’re presented with an obstacle. We have two options: Complain or Act. There’s a quote from a great blog authored by a good friend of mine that perfectly illustrates my feelings on this choice: “Complaining is the surest way to tell the world you are powerless.”

In retrospect, when talking about her goals, I realize I asked this client the wrong question. I simply asked what she “wanted.” Instead, here’s what I should’ve asked her and here’s what you should ask yourself before your next trip to the gym.

1. What are you willing to WORK for? We all want to be faster, stronger, leaner. We all want to feel better and look better. Simply WANTING something is not enough. You may want it but if you’re not willing to WORK for it, take whatever it is right off your list.

2. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it? Here’s where it becomes real. Are you ready to sacrifice your time? Are you ready to sacrifice your comfort? Are you ready to sacrifice your resources? Nothing worth having ever came easy, right? Right. If you’re not willing to give up your time, get uncomfortable, and even spend some of your resources, then take whatever it is off your list.

3. Last one, and most important. Do you want this more than anyone else wants it for you? Your doctor may want you to lose weight. Your trainer may want you to get better at pullups. Your significant other may want you run more often. But none of that matters if you don’t want it. Sure, you may see some short-term success. You may lose weight right away, knock out a pullup or two, or even run 4 times a week for a while. But if you’re not committed, if you don’t want it more than they want it for you, it won’t last.

Here’s the bottom line. Before you sign up for a membership at the gym, start a new workout program or reach out to a trainer, decide what you’re ready to work for, what you’re ready to sacrifice and make sure you want it more than any body else wants it for you. Do these three things, and success is all but guaranteed.

Kevin Snodgrass