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Weekend Workout | 08.25.18


Do 5 reps of each

Toe touches with overhead reach 

Down dog hip pushes

Runners lunge knee pushes R

Shoulder rotations R

Down dog hip pushes

Runners lunge knee pushes L

Shoulder rotations L

Wide leg stance shoulder rotations

Partner Y Stretches


Then, plank/core activation work, 30 sec each:


Plank leg raises 

Side plank R

Side plank L

Hip bridge hold

Hip bridge marching


3 6 9
3 min on, 1 min off, 6 min on, 2 min off, 9 min on.
Repeat as many times as possible
5 Pushups
10 Situps
15 Squats
50 Mtn Climbers total

Feel free to modify any of these exercises. For example, advanced folks may want to sub burpees for pushups.  The mountain climbers are just cardio, so you can sub in jump rope (25 singles or doubles), or a short run (25 yards out and back).