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September 17, 2015


Featured Athlete - September 2015

"Growing up I played soccer, basketball, tennis, rode my bike and skate board, and did some rock climbing. During and after college, I didn't really do much for fitness besides the occasional pick up basketball game, recreational bike ride, or short run. 
In 2011 as I was nearing the end of graduate school at age 31, I decided to reintroduce fitness into my life but in ways that were new and exciting to me. My oldest brother had recently started triathlon training and racing and I was inspired. He had lost a lot of weight and while that was not a goal of mine, I couldn't let my big brother show me up. I have now been training and racing for five seasons, having completed several 5ks and 10ks, four half marathons, two marathons, several sprint triathlons, a couple of Olympic distance triathlons, and next month I will complete my second 70.3 distance half-ironman. 
Also, through watching the Ultimate Fighter and UFC events and having grown up in Brazil, I developed an interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Upon moving to Marietta from Austin, Texas in 2011, I immediately joined Impact - Kenny Kim Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been training consistently (two or three times a week) now for over four years and was recently promoted to purple belt. I have also been competing periodically in local Jiu Jitsu tournaments. 
My wife and I now have a five month old daughter and staying committed to my workouts has been a challenge, but having a competition or a race on the horizon always keeps me motivated to continue grinding week after week and bettering myself every day. As I often hashtag, #bjjandtriathlon!"
- Jason Himstedt
August 20, 2015


Featured Athlete - August 2015


When someone goes out of their way to nominate another person for the Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete, it goes a long way for us.  It speaks not only to the nominee's personal accomplishments, but also how much of a positive impact they've made on the people around them.  Please help us in congratulating our newest Featured Athlete, Markita Jordan!


I'd like to nominate Markita Jordan to be featured as the next Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete. I've known Markita for 4 years and she has come a long way. She started her fitness journey 18 months ago and she has lost more than 50 pounds while building muscle tone, definition while reforming her diet! She is a beacon of light for her local gym, Urban Perform, in Atlanta. Many women have come to her for advice and Markita provides direction and inspiration to anyone seeking motivation to workout or change their diet!

Markita faces many obstacles while reaching her fitness goals. She works a hectic job with a demanding schedule while overcoming prior health issues. Through it all, she ran her first 5k in 45 minutes. The next time she ran her 5k in April, Markita shaved 10 minutes off of her time. Markita has discovered a new purpose and leads a vigorous lifestyle! She is committed to working out 6 days a week, and 2-a-days at least twice per week! That is why I proudly nominate Markita Jordan as the next Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete.
Itoro U
August 12, 2015


Featured Athlete Search

The search is on for the next Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete!  Spend 2 seconds anywhere online and you'll find 100 apparel companies flaunting immaculately chiseled workhorses as sponsored athletes. That's great and all, but what about the rest of us? What about those of us who weren't naturally gifted young athletes and have to grind every day? What about that person who used to struggle through warmup laps and now runs 5ks?  What about that person who faces every life obstacle - work, children, injuries, time - and still finds a way to make it happen?  Doesn't that person deserve celebrating?  

If you know someone who grinds day in and day out, who overcomes obstacles, who has committed to making health and fitness a priority, let us know!! Hit us up at and tell us why you think this person should be selected.  Featured Athletes get spotlighted on our blog celebrating their accomplishments as well as some Dirty South Fit swag!  Thanks and stay dirty!

July 22, 2015


Featured Athlete - July 2015

Having been a competitive athlete & living an active lifestyle for most of my adult life (highlights including a brief stint with the Guam Women's National Soccer team & captaining my college downhill ski racing team), keeping healthy & appropriately fit while pregnant last year posed an entirely new type of challenge. Fortunately I had a great friend & workout buddy (she was pregnant with twins!) and trainers working with us, both during our pregnancies and after the arrival of our babes. It helped being around like-minded people that enjoyed being active on a daily basis and did not view workouts as an obligation or chore. Since the arrival of my son, I am much more purposeful with my workouts given I've got a limited amount of time during his morning nap when I can fit in a "quick & dirty" workout before he wakes up & I have to run to work. I make a plan for each day to keep it varied, fun & flexible. I look forward to sharing this love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with my son in the years to come!
June 21, 2015


Fit Father's Day Featured Athlete - June 2015

Please join us in celebrating our Featured Athlete and winner of the Fit Father's Day Giveaway, Charles Pinkham. He will receive a Dirty South Fit shirt of his choice as well as a koozie, for all of that soda water... Here is a short quote from Charles that shows how doing little things consistently, and using the time you DO have makes a huge a difference.
"Last year I got really bored with traditional weight training and started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Impact - Kenny Kim. I haven't set foot in a traditional gym in over a year and feel better than I have in a decade. With two kids I don't make it into the academy more than about three times a week, so to supplement I work in body resistance exercises at home. It can be tough sometimes to find a full hour or so to dedicate outside of early morning or late at night, but with just a couple minutes here and there, you'd be surprised how many pull ups, push ups, lunges and squats you can do throughout the day. It's the down and dirty basics and it adds up!"

Charles often travels out of town for work. Before leaving, he will reach out to other BJJ gyms in that city and setup workouts so that he's able to maintain his training schedule. Now THAT'S living the Dirty South Fit lifestyle. We all have our obstacles, hurdles, and roadblocks that can easily interfere or completely derail our pursuit of a thriving, healthy life. Try not to compare your journey to others, but rather focus on how YOU can overcome your obstacles, every damn day.
June 21, 2015


Featured Athlete - May 2015

Check out our Featured Athlete, former UGA standout and champion, Rex Robinson.  As with many of us, Rex fell victim to lifestyle changes and choices that directly impacted his health. In 2008, he decided that enough was enough. He adopted the motto "Get Off Your Ass." By taking small steps each day, literally and figuratively, Rex began losing weight and feeling better. For him, it wasn't about the scale as much as it was making SOMETHING happen daily. Since beginning his journey he has lost 60+ lbs and has been able to keep it off. That's getting off your ass every damn day and using what ya got to get it done. That's Dirty South Fit and that's why Rex is our Featured Athlete. Start today, just do something. YOU got this!