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Featured Athlete - July 2015

Having been a competitive athlete & living an active lifestyle for most of my adult life (highlights including a brief stint with the Guam Women's National Soccer team & captaining my college downhill ski racing team), keeping healthy & appropriately fit while pregnant last year posed an entirely new type of challenge. Fortunately I had a great friend & workout buddy (she was pregnant with twins!) and trainers working with us, both during our pregnancies and after the arrival of our babes. It helped being around like-minded people that enjoyed being active on a daily basis and did not view workouts as an obligation or chore. Since the arrival of my son, I am much more purposeful with my workouts given I've got a limited amount of time during his morning nap when I can fit in a "quick & dirty" workout before he wakes up & I have to run to work. I make a plan for each day to keep it varied, fun & flexible. I look forward to sharing this love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with my son in the years to come!