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Fit Father's Day Featured Athlete - June 2015

Please join us in celebrating our Featured Athlete and winner of the Fit Father's Day Giveaway, Charles Pinkham. He will receive a Dirty South Fit shirt of his choice as well as a koozie, for all of that soda water... Here is a short quote from Charles that shows how doing little things consistently, and using the time you DO have makes a huge a difference.
"Last year I got really bored with traditional weight training and started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Impact - Kenny Kim. I haven't set foot in a traditional gym in over a year and feel better than I have in a decade. With two kids I don't make it into the academy more than about three times a week, so to supplement I work in body resistance exercises at home. It can be tough sometimes to find a full hour or so to dedicate outside of early morning or late at night, but with just a couple minutes here and there, you'd be surprised how many pull ups, push ups, lunges and squats you can do throughout the day. It's the down and dirty basics and it adds up!"

Charles often travels out of town for work. Before leaving, he will reach out to other BJJ gyms in that city and setup workouts so that he's able to maintain his training schedule. Now THAT'S living the Dirty South Fit lifestyle. We all have our obstacles, hurdles, and roadblocks that can easily interfere or completely derail our pursuit of a thriving, healthy life. Try not to compare your journey to others, but rather focus on how YOU can overcome your obstacles, every damn day.