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Featured Athlete - August 2015


When someone goes out of their way to nominate another person for the Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete, it goes a long way for us.  It speaks not only to the nominee's personal accomplishments, but also how much of a positive impact they've made on the people around them.  Please help us in congratulating our newest Featured Athlete, Markita Jordan!


I'd like to nominate Markita Jordan to be featured as the next Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete. I've known Markita for 4 years and she has come a long way. She started her fitness journey 18 months ago and she has lost more than 50 pounds while building muscle tone, definition while reforming her diet! She is a beacon of light for her local gym, Urban Perform, in Atlanta. Many women have come to her for advice and Markita provides direction and inspiration to anyone seeking motivation to workout or change their diet!

Markita faces many obstacles while reaching her fitness goals. She works a hectic job with a demanding schedule while overcoming prior health issues. Through it all, she ran her first 5k in 45 minutes. The next time she ran her 5k in April, Markita shaved 10 minutes off of her time. Markita has discovered a new purpose and leads a vigorous lifestyle! She is committed to working out 6 days a week, and 2-a-days at least twice per week! That is why I proudly nominate Markita Jordan as the next Dirty South Fit Featured Athlete.
Itoro U

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