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STOP Doubting Yourself

This article originally appeared here, in a blog written by one of my clients.  As a personal trainer, this is something I see everyday. I see it in my newbies just starting their fitness journeys. I see it in my veterans in pursuit of loftier goals. Having dealt with a number of injuries in the last few years and the inevitable self doubt that goes with that, I even see it in myself.  So, this article hit pretty close to home. I hope you get something out of it, too.


Guest post by Travis Sattiewhite



I intended to post this yesterday, but I was pretty tired.  I’ll get to that later.

I haven’t said it in previous posts, so, I’m going to say it now.  I am a believer and GOD plays a very important role in my life.  I am believe that HE can and will reach you in a variety of ways, but you have to be able to recognize and receive it.  It has been my experience, sometimes HE will deliver the message directly to me or He puts them in plain sight.  That’s how I feel about the something I spotted the other day.

I was leaving Trader Joe’s in Buckhead on Thursday afternoon and came to a stop like always and I spotted something on the stop sign.  So, I checked my rearview mirror to see if anyone was behind me — and no one was there — so I put my car in reverse to get a better look at the note and I saw “doubting yourself” underneath the STOP.  At that moment, I knew I was intended to see it.  So, I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture and shared it with my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter and Instagram.  The reason why I knew that message was for me is because I was seriously “doubting” myself as I start my journey to live a lead a more healthy life.  It was like I was throwing in the towel before I could even really get started on this journey.  I was doubting myself based on my past experiences which isn’t fair to my future experiences.  Yes, there will be times on this journey where I will fall off the wagon and not feel like working out or just eating a fat juicy burger and some parmesan fries, but when that happens, I have to say to myself, “Maestro, that’s okay.  That was just one moment in the day and you can’t let that set the tone for the rest of the day.”  Basically, stop doubting myself.  That’s why I needed to go to Trader Joe’s at that particular moment.  That was the message God was sending me and I needed to see that.  That was Thursday; now to Friday.

Friday was my workout day with my trainer Kevin.  In my previous post, I mentioned the white board, better known as the torture board.  Friday morning that board was there and there wasn’t much white space on it.

HA!  No party at all.  Just a lot of pain.  #TooMuch
(HA! No party at all. Just a lot of pain.)

Here is what Friday’s workout looked like. Kevin, the trainer, got it half-way right.  There was a lot of pain.  I’m still waiting on the party.  ;)

When he told me what the workout was going to be for the day, the negative thoughts immediately popped into my head, but I had two things in my head that prevailed.  1) Travis, stop doubting yourself.  You can do this.  (my sign from Thursday).  2) Don’t Quit (the shirt I had on during Wednesday’s workout.)

Friday’s workout was out of control, but I finished and that’s the important thing.  Needless to say, after completing this workout on Friday, I was exhausted.

I have to remember, to take this one moment at a time and to stop doubting myself.

I urge you all to do the same, stop doubting yourself in whatever it is you’re working on.  I hope this helps someone because I know seeing that sign helped and is helping me.