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Daily Workout | 04.08.20

If you haven't done yesterday's workout, go do it now!

If you did yesterday's workout, you probably need something to help you loosen everything up today.  

Start with this (30 sec each):

Toe Touches

Downward Dog

Runner's Lunge (Right)

Knee Pushes (Right)

Shoulder Rotations (Right)

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch with overhead reach (Right)

Hamstring Stretch (Right)

Pigeon Stretch (Right)

*go back to Downward Dog and repeat for Left side


Workout - 30 sec each:


Side Plank Right

Side Plank Left

Pushup Plank

Single Leg Hip Bridges Right

Single Leg Hip Bridges Left

Pike Pushups


Lunges Right

Lunges Left

Curtsy Lunges Right

Curtsy Lunges Left

Rest 1 min, repeat for 3-4 rounds depending on available time

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