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Daily Workout | 04.14.20

The Movement Workout

You'll need to get outside for this one. Using cones or shoes or whatever you've got handy, mark off a distance of about 25 yards. Some of you will recognize this as a variation on our dynamic warmups. But, we can also turn this into a full body workout. You'll do an agility exercise going from cone 1 to cone 2. You'll always jog/run from cone 2 back to the starting position at cone 1. 

Start with 5 easy runs down and back, then:

High knees (jog back)

Butt kicks (jog back, you'll always jog back)

High knees double time

Butt kicks double time

Side Shuffle Right

Side Shuffle Left

Carioca Right

Carioca Left

Back Pedal

Skips for height

Skips with arms in and out

Skips with arm circle forward

Skips with arm circles backwards

Broad Jumps

Single Leg Broad Jumps Right

Single Leg Broad Jumps Left


Side Lunges Right

Side Lunges Left


10 Pushups, Sprint down and back

10 Squats, Sprint down and back

10 Situps, Sprint down and back

5 rounds

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