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Daily Workout | 04.18.20


One way to keep the at-home workouts interesting, is to get creative with the exercises. Here are some new variations on old exercises. 

30 seconds each, rest 1 min at the end, repeat for 5 rounds.

- Pushup to Opposite Arm & Leg Raise (at the top of each pushup, lift one arm and the opposite leg off the ground, pause, lower, repeat)

- Mountain Jacks (feet go side to side like a jumping jack)

- Russian Twists with Arms Locked out Straight (extend your arms straight out from your chest, slowly rotate side to side)

- Leg Raise with Crossbody Toe Touch (do a leg raise, then at the top reach across your body, opposite hand to opposite foot)

- Single Leg Hip Bridge Hold with Leg Raise Right Side (perform a single leg hip bridge, hold at the top, keep the opposite leg straight, raise and lower the opposite leg)

- Single Leg Hip Bridge Hold with Leg Raise Left Side

- Lunge to Single Leg Jump Right (do a step back lunge, then come up explosively, jumping off the front leg)

- Lunge to Single Leg Jump Left

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