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Weekend Workout | 11.11.17

12 Minutes of Hustle

Weekend Workouts are all about efficiency.  Ain't nobody got time to sit around a gym for an hour on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Get in, get out, get it done.  Here's a quick one for when you're short on time, but you know you gotta do work. 

Equipment: timer/watch

Goals: stamina, strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance

Time: 12-ish minutes of hustle


Start with 2 min of burpees, counting reps,

Then immediately move on to the following 4 exercises, working at max effort.  Transition quickly because there's no rest between exercises.

Squats - 1 min

Pushups - 1 min

Mtn Climbers - 1 min

Situps - 1 min

Repeat these 4 exercises x2, advanced Repeat x3

Finish with Burpees, picking up where you left off counting after the first 2 min and working until you hit 50 reps total.