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Daily Workout | 04.05.20

We're bringing this one out by request. It's a twist on our most popular of the daily workouts. If you haven't done this one here, give it a shot.

For me, one of the big challenges of the self-isolation/quarantine, is that I'm not getting the same amount of movement that I was before. I used to get 25,000 steps a day on average. Now, I'm lucky to hit 10k. The purpose of this post is to increase our total daily movement. So, don't think of this as a "workout;" Think of it as a "movement challenge."

Every hour, you're going to complete 100 reps of an exercise. Take as much time as you need to complete them. Do them all at once, or broken into sets. Just get them done. 100 reps, every hour.

Hour 1: Pushups

Hour 2: Situps

Hour 3: Squats

Hour 4: Leg Raises

Hour 5: Lunges (total)

Hour 6: Curtsy Lunges (total)

Hour 7: V-Ups

Hour 8: Sitouts

Bonus Hour: BURPEES