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August 27, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.27.20

One time straight through, as fast as you can go. 
50 Pushups
50 Situps
50 Lunges ea leg
50 Pike Pushups
50 Squat Jumps
50 Side Plank Hip Touches ea side
50 Windshield Wipers
50 Burpees
50 Jump Rope (50 Double Unders or 150 Singles)
August 26, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.26.20

20 Minute AMRAP

Simple, but effective. 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible:

Run 100m out and back

10 Burpees

20 Squats

August 25, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.25.20

100 Mountain Climbers, then

40 Pushups

40 Situps

40 Squats

100 Mountain Climbers, then

30 Pushups

30 Situps

30 Squats

30 Lunges

100 Mountain Climbers, then

20 Pushups

20 Situps

20 Squats

20 Lunges

20 Leg Raises

100 Mountain Climbers, then

10 Pushups

10 Situps

10 Squats

10 Lunges

10 Leg Raises

10 Burpees

August 24, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.24.20

Legs and Abs

30 sec each, go straight through without stopping, rest 60 sec at the end and repeat. 5 total rounds.

Lunges (Jumping Lunges for Advanced)

Situps (V-Ups)

Sumo Squats (weighted Sumo Squats)

Star Crunches 

Curtsy Lunges (Speed Skaters)

Bicycle Crunches


August 21, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.21.20

Arm Burner

This one is simple, but guaranteed to light up your chest, triceps, and shoulders. 

100 Mountain Climbers total

40 Pushups

100 Mountain Climbers total

30 Pushups

100 Mountain Climbers total

20 Pushups

100 Mountain Climbers total

10 Pushups

August 20, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.20.20

Strength & Conditioning

It can be hard to find true strength building exercises using just your body. The more you workout, the more those exercises (like pushups and squats) become more about muscular endurance. One way to incorporate strength into bodyweight movements is to increase the time under tension on the "negative" range of motion. That's what we're going to do with the first part of our workout:

Negative HANDSTAND Pushups

**This is an advanced movement, if you're not comfortable with this, try the PIKE PUSHUP Variation

Place your hands 6-8 inches away from a wall, with a pillow on the ground between your hands (for your head). Keeping your arms locked, kick your legs up to the wall into a handstand. With your heels touching the wall and keeping your body in a tight, straight line, lower slowly to a count of 5 going all the way to the pillow. Go slow! The slower you go, the better. Then reset, kick back up to the top and repeat. 

3 sets of 5 reps, with a slow 5 count lowering phase. 

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.

For the Pike Pushup modification:

This is a great way to build the strength needed for handstand pushups. Start in a downward dog position with your arms wider than shoulder width, your back flat, and your butt high. Slowly lower your head to a count of 5 to the space between your hands, then reset at the top and repeat.

5 sets of 5 reps, with a slow 5 count lowering phase. 



21 reps each, then 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3




Go as fast as you can.

August 19, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.19.20


3 circuit, 5 exercises in each. Do each exercise of circuit A for 30 seconds, going down the list 3 times without stopping, then rest for 1 minute and move to circuit B, etc.



Single Leg Hip Bridge R

Single Leg Hip Bridge L

Mountain Climbers

High Knees

- repeat 3x, then rest 1 min and move to:


Pike Pushups

Single Leg Squats R (using a chair) 

Single Leg Squats L (using a chair)

Mountain Jacks

Shuffle your feet

- repeat 3x, then rest 1 min and move to:


Dips (using a chair)

Split Squats R (elevate back foot on a chair)

Split Squats L (elevate back foot on a chair)

Side Lunges


- repeat 3x

August 18, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.18.20

3 Circuits

Repeat each circuit for 3 minutes, then rest 1 min and move to the next.

Repeat A-B-C twice for intermediate, three times for advanced!


5 Pushups

10 Toe Touches

10 Squat to high knee


5 Pike Pushups

10 Sprinter Situps

10 Jumping Lunges


5 Burpees

10 Star Crunches

10 Star Jumps

August 17, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.17.20

The infamous Add 10 workout.

The structure is simple. Go straight through the exercises. Don't move to the next one until you've finished the reps for the one before.



Any time you stop, even for a brief pause, you have to add 10 reps to that exercise. So if you stop during Situps, add 10 reps (for a total of 160), and if you stop again, add 10 more (170 and so on).  

Lot's of you have done this one before, so we're gonna challenge you to change up the exercises. If you have dumbbells, do Thrusters instead of Burpees for example. You can try Pike Pushups instead of Pushups, Lunges or KB Swings instead of Squats, etc. When you switch an exercises, swap it out for something that hits a similar body part.

Take your time. This one's a marathon. 

ADD 10

50 Burpees

100 Pushups (knees or toes)

150 Situps

200 Squats

(Intermediate - start with half the number of reps)

August 15, 2020


Daily Workout | 08.15.20

40/20 HIIT

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, go straight down the list, repeat 4x without stopping.

- Mountain Climber Pushups

- Plank Hip Touches

- Situp and Twist

- Speed Skaters

- Squat Jumps

- Jump Rope -or- High knees