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November 09, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.09.20

Tabata Conditioning

To get the most out of any HIIT workout (tabata included), you gotta push yourself. Today's workout consists of 4 cardio exercises. You'll do each one for a full Tabata interval (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 4 minutes). Then rest 90 seconds and move to the next one. Go all-out every 20 seconds work interval. 

1. Mountain Climbers

2. Jump Rope (or high knees)

3. 10 meter lateral shuffles

4. Burpees!

November 06, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.06.20

4 Rounds

Start with 60 seconds per exercise, then 45, 30, 15. As the time decreases, MOVE FASTER. Rest 1 min between completed rounds. 


Sprinter Situps

Mountain Climbers


10 meter sprint touches 

November 05, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.05.06

7 Minutes

This workout is only 7 minutes, so you better hustle. Make sure to warmup beforehand:


30 seconds each

Jumping Jacks

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Arm Circles


Side Plank Left

Side Plank Right

Single Leg Hip Bridges Right

Single Leg Hip Bridges Left

Hollow Hold






Complete as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes. Move as fast as you can. 

50-69 reps is pretty good

70-99 reps is serious hustle

100-119 reps is beast mode

120+ holy hell that's impressive 

November 04, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.04.20


300 squats. Any time you stop moving, even for just a second, do 15 pushups and 15 situps.

November 03, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.03.20

Anti-Anxiety Workout

We already know that exercise reduces the effects of stress and anxiety. Cardio especially has been shown to positively impact stress levels. I specifically like HIIT workouts for this reason. You'll be moving as fast as possible for 30 seconds at a time, so you won't have the opportunity to let your mind wander. Clear your mind. Hustle hard. 

30 Second HIIIT

30 seconds each, go straight through without stopping, rest 1 min after each round, 6 rounds total

- Mountain Climbers

- Sprinter Situps

- Jump Squats

- Burpees

November 02, 2020


Daily Workout | 11.02.20

3 by 3

3 Rounds of:

50 Jumping Jacks

15 Pushups

30 Squats

3 Rounds of:

50 Jump Rope

15 Pike Pushups

30 Lunges

3 Rounds of:

50 Mountain Climbers

15 Burpees

30 Speed Skater

October 30, 2020


Daily Workout | 10.30.20

Spooky Scary!

How about a truly frightening workout for Halloween Eve!

Death. By. Burpees.

This is an Every Minute On The Minute workout.  Start with 5 Burpees the first minute.  Rest the remainder of the minute.  Then do 6 Burpees the next minute.  Rest with whatever time is left.  Then 7, 8, 9.... Keep going until you can't finish the Burpees in the minute.  When that happens, rest the next full minute, then try to complete the reps you weren't able to finish.  If you complete them, move on.  If not, rest another minute and try again.  How far can you get in 20 minutes??

Don't like burpees? Try this one with Squats, or Sprints, or Pushups.  Pick any full body exercise you like and give it a shot.

October 30, 2020


Daily Workout | 10.29.20

18 Minute Ladder

Start with 5 reps of each, then 10, 15, 20, etc, going up by 5 each time. 

Pike Pushups


Squat Jumps

Lunges x2

October 28, 2020


Daily Workout | 10.28.20

Strength and Power

5 Rounds:

10 Pushups

10 Squats

10 Lunges each leg

10 Burpees

10 Squat Jumps

10 Jumping Lunges each leg

- rest 1 minute - 



Then, finish with this core circuit:

1 Minute of Plank

1 Minute of Situps

45 Seconds of Plank

45 Second of Leg Raises

30 Seconds of Plank

30 Seconds of V-Ups

October 27, 2020


Daily Workout | 10.27.20

Targeted Tabata

Tabata is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 4 rounds. With this version, we're gonna hit smaller muscle groups for a more targeted workout. Start with circuit 1. Do 20 on, 10 off for 4 minutes, then rest 1 min and move to the next one. 

1. Chair Dips - working your triceps

2. Lateral Raises - working your shoulders (use light dumbbells or 2 water bottles)

3. Donkey Kicks - working your glutes (alternate R and L every 20 seconds)

4. Standing Side Kicks - working your lateral hip stabilizers (alternate R and L every 20 seconds)

5. Seated Knee Tucks - working your abs and hip flexors